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Warren KaufmanWarren Kaufman Co-Founder of SBA: Rtn. Warren Kaufman, businessman, community and church leader and triathlete. While leading a Group Study Exchange team to Nigeria in 2002 Carmel Valley Rotary Club member Warren Kaufman discovered the tremendous need for safe blood. Visiting the city of Uyo and Univeristy of Uyo Teaching hospital, he became friends with Rotary Club of Uyo President Justice Edemekong. Warren was President of the ROtary Club of Carmel Valley, CA USA 2006-2007.
Lord Justice Edemekong EdemekongLord Justice Edemekong Edemekong Co-Founder of SBA: Rtn. Lord Justice Edemekong Edemekong, Superior Court Justice of Akwa Ebon State, President of the Rotary Club of Uyo, Nigeria 2002-3 and author of books and lectures on international, intranational, and community rules & practices of conflict & war. Educated at the finest schools in Nigeria, Lord Edemekong has a great heart for service. This Rotary friendship was bound for huge Inernational Service!
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