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SBA finances individual safe blood projects by soliciting an initial donation from a sponsoring Rotary club in Africa and Rotary clubs (one or more) in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world.  Additional funding is then sought in the form of Rotary District grants and matching grant from The Rotary Foundation.  Funding requirements beyond that available from Rotary are provided by SBA from tax-deductible charitable donations it receives from individuals and other organizations.

Training programs for hospital hematology staff and for voluntary blood donation program administrators and donor recruiters is financed by grants from governmental, charitable and non-governmental organizations.

An example of the financing of a single blood storage facility project is:

  • Typical total cost (based upon the U.S. Dollar/EURO exchange rate).  Includes procurement, delivery, startup and initial training of hospital staff on blood storage refrigerator with temperature monitoring, backup gasoline generator and voltage stabilizer.


  • Rotary clubs initial donation (or a donation from another individual or organization).


  • Rotary District grant (or a donation from another individual or organization).


  • The Rotary Foundation matching grant (or a donation from another individual or organization).


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